The Characters - Main Six

What this page will include: Basic descriptions for the characters whose lives we're following in Avalora. What this page won't include: spoilers. So you won't see anything about anyone's sexuality (four are considered part of the LGBT community) and you won't see who they might have a crush on or if anyone's name changes. These changes might come along as the world of Avalora gains popularity.

Basically: want to know who's gay and what their personality is like? Then read the books. ;)

Bane Grimgold

Gender: Male
Hair: shaggy black hair cut unevenly
Eyes: large deep brown eyes
Height: 5'10"
Skin tone: pale
Defining Features: pouty lips, square jaw, large hands, slender to the point of being almost skeletal
Heritage: Half-Mage born of a non-Mage mother (Allison) and a Grimgold father (Alaro). The Grimgolds are Dark Mages known either as brilliant researchers or powerful Grims. (More on Grims in The Magic & Mage Names Section)
Age: 16
Birthday: February 10
Musical Tastes: soothing instrumental or anything with a bass he likes
Movie Tastes: documentaries and horror
Favorite Color: black
Favorite Animal: reptiles
Familiar: Dragon egg he buys upon arrival at Avalora which hatches into a mini-dragon
Talents: violin
Siblings: none
Memorable Lines:

Eden Raynhart

Gender: Female
Hair: long, thick, dark hair that she's very proud of and spends a lot of time taking care of.
Eyes: brown, slanted upwards slightly
Height: 5'4"
Skin tone: Africain American
Defining Features: long thin noise, slender fingers, small bust, thick in the hips, slender waist, full lips.
Heritage: Mage-born on both sides: Dark Mage Father and Gray Mage Mother. The Raynharts are considered the wealthiest and most powerful of the Mage Families. Think of them as the Mage equivalent of the Helu family (nowadays) or the Rockefellers.
Age: 16
Birthday: August 19th
Musical Tastes: popular/pop
Movie Tastes: romance
Favorite color: pink
Favorite Animal: felines
Familiar: pure bred female Savannah show cat that cost $65,000 (6500 gold) named Harmonia
Siblings: none
Memorable Lines:

Sig Furor

Gender: male
Hair: black, straight, a little long
Eyes: deep brown and slanted
Skin tone: Oriential/Asian
Defining Features: looks like he's in his 20s because of his muscle definition/mass/height but his "baby-face" gives him away
Heritage: Mage-born from two Warrior Mages. The Furors are the most respected and powerful Warrior Mage Family.
Age: 16
Birthday: October 1
Musical Tastes: anything
Movie Tastes: anything
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Animal: birds
Familiar: female eagle named Reila
Talents: golf
Siblings: Hav (14), Serf (12), the twins (6) Flora and Fay
Memorable Lines:

Arvan Tempest

Gender: male
Hair: deep burnished gold to the mid-back, wavey/straight
Eyes: deep blue
Skin tone: tanned
Defining Features: extra pinkie finger on his right hand
Heritage: Mage born of a Dark Mage mother and father. The Tempest family is known as the second richest Mage Family in the world. His mother's maiden name is Bryeblood, the 4th richest Mage Family.
Age: 16
Birthday: June 4
Musical Tastes: Metal
Movie Tastes: horror
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Animal: canines
Familiar: male wolf pup named Havoc
Talents: guitar
Siblings: none
Memorable Lines:

Ivy Allan

Gender: female
Hair: kinky, dark brown, to her middle back
Eyes: deep green
Height: 5'7"
Skin tone: malato
Defining Features: small button nose, full lips, classically framed
Heritage: Mage born of non-Mages: an African American mother and Caucasian father
Age: 16
Birthday: May 25
Musical Tastes: country/pop
Movie Tastes: adventure and comedy
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Animal: all of them
Familiar: none
Talents: painting
Siblings: Derrick (18), the twins Sam and Joe (13), Carrie (10)
Memorable Lines:

Dawn Smith (Riverwood)

Gender: female
Hair: red, curly, kept to her shoulders and usually braided
Eyes: bright green
Height: 5'9"
Skin tone:
Defining Features: freckles, large bust, small hips and waist
Heritage: Half-Mage born of a Mage mother and non-Mage father. The Riverwoods are known for being Elemental Mages but have lost their status in the Mage world as their line is no longer "pure", AKA: they've bred too much and too often with non-Mages.
Age: 16
Birthday: March 3
Musical Tastes: pop/rock/alternative
Movie Tastes: comedy
Favorite Color: red
Favorite Animal: horses
Familiar: none
Talents: sewing, more specifical making stuffed animals
Siblings: none
Memorable Lines:

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