The School


Purpose: To teach Mages how to use their powers
Creed: Believe, Educate, Prosper

Large, castle like building full of various rooms to teach hundreds of classes with hundreds of teachers. Mages go through years each building on skills from the previous year. When a Mage enters fourth year they can begin to hone their skills to certain jobs in the magic community. It's run by a Headmaster and Heads of the Departments

Only Mages can attend and one must past the final exam after 10 years schooling or they do not become a Mage. They can remain on in the school and continue to take the final exam until they pass. A Non-graduated Mage is someone who did not pass the final exam after three tries. They cannot practice magic outside of school grounds so become an employee to the School. They can take their tests every year until they pass. Some enjoy working at the school so stay on. Mages can stay on for advanced learning in other subjects. No other final exam is required for these Mages

There is a park area for familiar and student relaxation, stables and homing area for various creatures, and a practice area for dueling in both magic and melee. Campus Map coming soon!

The Dorm

Each floor is dedicated to 100 (or more) Rooms and Guide Rooms based on amount of students. The Room has six bedrooms leading into a common kitchen and sitting room. There’s also a common work area but it’s a separate room. Guide Rooms contain a bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, and work room. Guide’s make sure everyone on the floor is getting along.

The Dorm is dome-like in shape giving it the nick-name of the Dome. First years are generally on the first floor (where reception desk is located) while second and more years can sign up for a floor based on their groups’ collective grade.

The top 10 floors of the Dorm have the best of everything and only those with 95% in classes or higher can try to get into these floors. Those on the top floor have the best grades in the school. To keep a floor position the Mages MUST keep their grades to that level, especially in the top 10 floors. The top floor is a single room (no Guide Room). The second top floor is two rooms (with a Guide Room), third is three, etc. All floors hold a different number of rooms so most people request the top for the lack of foot traffic. All Rooms maintain six bedrooms, single kitchen and sitting area as well as a separate work area.

The other floors of the Dorm don’t have any significant differences and people don’t care where they’re placed. By second year all Mages should be able to find their way from any floor of the Dorm to the main lobby.

In the lower levels are the Healing Floor, Cleaning Floor (so students can tidy up), Food Floor, Book Floor (library), Sports Floor (Gym), and General Floor (hanging out).

The Living Floor is where security and other Mages or non-Mages who work at the school live.

There are various elevators but only the main elevators in the main lobby are for students. Students will learn to magic their way up or down. There are no stairs.

The Floors:

Healing Floor:

Cleaning Floor:

Food Floor:

Book Floor (Library):

Sports Floor:

General Floor:

Shopping Floor:

Bane describes it best: "It’s the single largest mall in the world with 6.2 million square feet of floor space and 4.2 million square feet of rentable space for shops. That’s over 50 football fields if you’re wondering. There are 12 Familiar Shops, and at least five different restaurants for different ethnic foods like Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, Italian, French, you get the idea. Oh and there are four main plazas that work as grocery stores."

Living Floor:



Below is the layout for Room 17 where our six main characters live for their first year at Avalora.

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